I am known as Alex B. (or Alex Bruni), a stage name I use for modelling. I am a very experienced model represented by the  Grey Collective, with a very distinctive look, thanks to my very long and silvery-white hair. Born in Italy, I have lived in London, where I am based,  for most of my adult life. I am always happy to travel and am fluent in several languages. 

I have also posed for painters, sculptors, photographers and visual artists as an art model. I am represented by Hired Hands for hand modelling.

Alongside modelling, I write. I have published a book with Bloomsbury, Contemporary Indonesian Fashion: through the looking glass and have collaborated with Rizzoli USA on a number of fashion books as a text editor. I am now writing a second book for Bloomsbury, on fashion, migrants and social integration, for which I have done fieldwork in Morocco and southern Italy, as well as the UK and expect to continue in Nigeria, as the book is not due until 2023. I blog too  –my blog, The Real Does Not Efface Itself has been going since 2010 and I keep it alive,  posting from time to time. 

I have been modelling for several years, internationally. I started late but have had a constant presence in the industry, with the occasional break. The list of my credits is rather long, with a balance of editorial and commercial work. I have had articles written about me and my modelling experience and made several TV appearances. I am also active as a runway model and throughout 2019 I was associated with IA London, doing shows and appearing in several editorials for the brand. 

 I am a dancer manquée and attend dance classes whenever I can -   have tried several dance forms, throughout my life,  with ballet being my very favourite. I pay a lot of attention to fitness and practise Sleek barre exercises every day. I also do yoga. I have uncommon flexibility for someone in my age group.

For all work enquiries (modelling, speaking, writing) please contact my agency or drop me a line  (see contact form)